“Committing the Things I have Learned to Faithful Men Who Shall Teach Others Also.”  IITimothy 2:2  BBFITeacher1 @ aol.com         www.bbfi-missions.org/Herman/   - the word that begins the Bible command noted above, is a  very important action word. Our first thoughts tell us the  Apostle Paul’s directive to the young pastor Timothy goes far  beyond just passing information from one to another.   God has called Mary E. Herman to show the best methods  and manner for planting God’s truths in the hearts and minds  of others. She teaches the ways to change documents and  data into seeds of desire and steadfast determination in  serving our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, till His soon return. Mary serves as a part of the BBFI Support Team Endorsement Program (S.T.E.P.) ...”Committing” click portrait above to enlarge for flyers Cambodia Update >> click image >>